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We formed Tempus Dictum to develop products and services that mix high-tech with aesthetics. It is our long-term goal to provide unique cognitive and sensory experiences through innovative tools, some of which will be built and distributed by us.

In a practical sense, what this means is wandering around, picking up interesting artifacts and discovering, through play, exercise, and engineering, what can be done with those artifacts. Interestingly, what we often find is that the intended purpose of any given artifact is NOT the most interesting thing that can be done with that artifact.

In the short-term, we are building this company up from scratch. And since none of us are independently wealthy or inclined to pursue outside funding, we take contracts to provide services in our various fields of expertise. Those fields include:

  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Software Design, Architecture, and Engineering
  • Research and Development (in some domains)
  • Technological Due Diligence for investors
  • Consulting in the study of Complex Adaptive Systems and the use of Artficial Life

Taking on these contracts does two primary things for us. First, it keeps our knowlege tacit. Often, when you employ a contractor, architect, or consultant, your outcome is highly academic and hard to put to good use. We at Tempus Dictum are way down deep in the muck, hacking things out ourselves, which keeps the hubris in check.

Second, creativity muscles can only be exercised through the incidental effects of doing real work. It is our belief that innovation comes mostly from applying oneself to hard problems that must be solved, as opposed to solving toy problems or trying to isolate the creativity muscles and exercise them in isolation.

As time goes by, you will recognize a trajectory through the projects we work on that demonstrates our agenda of strong aesthetic experiences through high-technology.

Contact Info

Glen E. Ropella
Phone: 971-255-2847
Brock Henderson
Phone: 503.975.9840
G. Cosmo Haun
Don D. Davis (for info about DorkbotPDX and related products)

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