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BioSystems Group @ UCSF
We provide systems engineering and computational modeling services to Professor Hunt and the other members of the BioSystems lab. Our work for them is supported by the CDH Research Foundation.
We provided systems and software engineering services to QMind to facilitate the creation and distribution of on-line presentations and educational materials. QMind later transformed into SplashCast.
Bend Research, Inc.
We provided custom fine-grained synthetic modeling and simulation services to internal R&D projects to help Bend Research better understand drug delivery in the context of particular biological mechanisms.
We helped construct custom prototype and production RDBMS backed REST web service applications to facilitate tracking foreclosure opportunities and make their data more accessible to ForeclosureRadar customers.

Miscellaneous Projects:

Freak Show Freak Show Software
Welcome to the Funhouse!
System for Intelligent Information and Business Analysis--an "intelligent" adaptive internet-based information retrieval and analysis application being developed for the Interactive Institute's Tools Studio.
The Functional Unit Representation Method (FURM) is a method for developing models of biological functional units. We're doing this work for the Biosystems Group at the University of California, San Francisco.
Kurisu International, Inc.
This is a website that Brock helped develop.
Colleen Malone, REALTOR
This is a website that Brock developed and TD hosts.
This is a project that Glen worked on at SwarmCorp. An interesting design for an adaptive simulation resulted and is described in The development of a Generic Innovation Network Simulation Platform.
An E-Commerce impact tool
This is a project that Glen worked on at SwarmCorp to study the introduction of direct-to-consumer sales of insurance via the internet and how that new distribution channel would affect human-mediated sales. Agent-based modeling of disrupted market ecologies: A strategic tool to think with.
NRM Article
This is a summary of low-level habits for doing good science with software and represents Glen's combined 11 or so years working on software of all types. He was, thankfully, coaxed into writing these behaviors down and then coached on how best to present them by his colleagues Steven Railsback and Stephen Jackson. Glen worked with them on the initial prototype of the trout model for the INDIVIDUAL-BASED ECOLOGICAL MODELING effort at Humboldt State University.
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